Ocean State Oil provides our clients with lubricants meeting the highest standards in the industry. Our staff promises to provide you with not only the highest quality lubricants, but also the highest quality service available in the industry. At Ocean State Oil service is more than just a word, it's our everyday commitment to our customers to conduct business quickly, professionally and with ease. We respect your time and your business.

As a Chevron 1st Source Elite Lubrication Marketer we offer a full range of high-quality, brand name products supported by one of the largest petroleum companies in the world. Chevron is noted for superior quality, performance and innovation in lubricant engineering. Whatever your lubrication needs are, we will partner with you to provide the right product to aid you in reducing operating costs, minimize downtime, extend the life of your equipment and keep your entire operation running better than ever.

Ocean State Oil, in partnership with Chevron, has held eight Delo Performance Advantage seminars. We are pleased that so many companies took advantage of these valuable educational events and were happy to provide them with the technical insight on the dramatic changes and trends that are taking place within the diesel engine industry.

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