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Metalworking oils, food-grade lubricants, hydraulic fluids, turbine oils & circulating oils for a variety of industries

Ocean State Oil is southern New England's leading distributor of industrial lubricants, fluids, and other supplies that help make "Made In America" a proud, local label.

The area's industries are diverse, as are their needs - but there are things many of them share, including the need for cuttings oils & fluids, hydraulic & compressor oils, machine oils, quench fluids, and way oils. They require these products in both mineral-based and synthetic formulas - that Ocean State Oil stocks in abundance in our 52,000 square foot warehouse in North Kingstown, RI.

Ocean State Oil is a Distributor of Total & Fuchs Industrial & Food Grade products delivered across Southern New England

As a 1st Source Elite Chevron Lubrication Marketer, Ocean State Oil carries the complete line of Industrial products to help your operation run at peak performance. Find out more at

Industrial Lubricants Distributor for Manufacturing, Metalworking, Food Processing, and More



    Food Processing (Food Grade)

    Heat Treating

    Power Generation

    Pulp and Paper

    General Industry

Monroe & Chevron Metalworking Oils and Lubricants Delivered throughout RI, MA, CT, and NH

Ocean State Oil stocks Neat & Soluble oils from Monroe Fluid Technology and Chevron for a wide variety of metalworking applications.

Monroe Fluid Technology and Chevron Metalworking oils and lubricants

    Cutting oils: Synthetic and semi-synthetic coolants for a wide variety of machines used for cutting, grinding, and boring.

    Way oils: Accomplish the delicate balance of "tack-slip" - that is, having just the right equilibrium between stickiness and slipperiness, so that metals and other pieces that are being formed and worked can slide, at just the right speed and with just the right stability, along work surfaces while being processed.

    Quench oils: Are formulated to cool treated metals at precise rates, while aiding in their hardening. Used in heat treating and annealing metals.

    Rust and corrosion preventatives: Effective metal cleaners that have the right balance of abrasive and solvency capabilities.

    Sump cleaners: Clean machines thoroughly, while still minimizing the downtime for machine tools.

Specialized Oils and Heavy-Duty Lubricants from Ocean State Oil, Summit, Total, & Chevron for Heat Transfer, Food Processing, and More

Find specialized lubricants from Summit and Ocean State Oil for turbines, compressors, refrigeration, natural gas engines, and more.

Summit Specialized Lubricants from Ocean State Oil

    Paper recycling: hydraulic oils and heavy-duty gear lubricants specifically formulated for paper bailing machines.

    Heat transfer oils: used in closed-loop systems. The job of the oil is to be heated at a powerful heat source and to carry that heat to kettles or other vessels, where a variety of ingredients can be mixed at high temperatures without the oil itself entering the mixture.

    Food processing: lubricants and hydraulic fluids that can be used in and on food processing equipment without contaminating that food.

    Elevator manufacturing and service: OSO carries specialty lubricants and hydraulic fluids for elevators.

Wide variety of Industrial Oils:

    Turbine Oils

    R&O Oils

    Compressor Oils

    Refrigeration Oils

    Bio Friendly Hydraulic Oils

    Specialty Hydraulic Oils for Extreme Conditions

    Natural Gas Engine Oil

    Specialty Greases, Gear Oils, and more...

Industrial Lubricants, Oils, and Fluids Delivered to Keep Your Business Running

We maintain a fleet of trucks, piloted by highly trained driver-technicians. The trucks are linked and located in real-time by a state-of-the-art GPS monitoring system, which ensures that deliveries stay on track and on time. It also lets us quickly and efficiently re-route deliveries as needed for customers who develop unexpected and urgent supply needs.

As in all other areas of our business, Ocean State Oil supports its extensive supply system with expert survey and analysis programs. Our technicians can visit your facility, assess the entirety of your lubricant and fluids usage, and make recommendations as to how that usage can become more efficient, more effective, and less costly. Our technicians also can take samples of lubricants and fluids after they have been in use, perform lab tests to look for evidence of unusual wear or contamination, and make recommendations accordingly.

Serving Manufacturers in RI, MA, CT and NH with Industrial Lubricants

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