Reliability Based Lubrication (RbLâ„¢) Programs from Ocean State Oil

Chevron Reliability Based Lubrication (RbL™) Program

A powerful combination of industry knowledge, targeted lubrication products, and customized services that can help customers run equipment reliably, shops and work sites efficiently, and businesses profitably

RBL (Run Better Longer): Get a Better Understanding of Your Lubrication Needs

In supporting its local partners, Chevron believes it is not enough to merely make its products available. Indeed, the company believes that businesses large and small can benefit by a hands-on education and assessment program, one that actively:

  • Evaluates a company's lubrication needs
  • Develops cost-effective plans and strategies for meeting those needs
  • Continually monitors the performance of those strategies
Chevron RbL Program Run Better Longer

Ocean State Oil stands for one thing above all - reliability - and our experience has shown us that Chevron's Reliability-based Lubrication program can benefit any of our customers.

You're not just buying lubricants, with RbL™ you're buying reliability

    Oil Analysis

    Extended Oil Drains

    Controlled Maintenance Costs

    Exceptional Equipment Performance

    Minimal Downtime

    Maximum Profitability

Graphical analysis of customer's lubrication needs for Rbl program

Improve Efficiency, Extend Drain Intervals, Increase Uptime & Component Service Life of your Equipment

At no cost to you, an Ocean State Oil Lubrication Specialist will visit you to learn about your business, your goals, and the obstacles you face in trying to achieve those goals. Then, the specialist will conduct a Chevron "Best-In-Class Assessment" to identify specific strengths and gaps in your current lubrication program and develop an action plan, with an eye toward several things, including:

    •  Increasing your equipment's up-time and overall service life

    •  Improving your fuel efficiencies and maintenance practices

    •  Optimizing your lubrication intervals

    •  Making sure you are receiving the right lubricants, coolants, and other
       fluid supplies when and where you need them.

Creating a Customized Lubrication Program

After the assessment, the Ocean State Oil Lubrication Specialist will use RbL calculators to quantify the benefit your company could achieve by implementing an RbL Program. The specialist also will offer a strategy for tracking the effects of an RbL plan and a schedule for reviewing the results and making any appropriate changes or improvements.

With RbL programs like this in place, other small and large businesses have seen the positive effects of streamlining and targeting their lubrication schedules, and, in turn, making their equipment run better for longer, and driving their profits higher in the process.

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