ISOCLEAN Lubricants & Programs from Ocean State Oil

ISOCLEAN Lubricants & Programs from Ocean State Oil

Chevron's ISOCLEAN certified clean lubricants are available for a variety of Chevron Lubricant products. These lubricants are designed to meet strict OEM Standards for cleanliness in a variety of Industrial, On and Off road equipment applications. Ocean State Oil offers Chevron ISOCLEAN certified lubricants and the ISOCLEAN lubricant program, a comprehensive program to test and certify your lubricants meet your OEM equipment specifications.

Chevron ISOCLEAN lubricants help complement preventive maintenance and filters to keep your oil clean. Particle contamination in lubricants is the No. 1 cause of lubricant-related equipment failures, according to industry experts. Particle contamination is one of the leading causes of hydraulic system failure and component and abrasion wear. Repairing issues that result from this kind of wear is time and money lost.

Combat Particle Contamination with ISOCLEAN Lubricants

Dirt, wear metal, silicate, paint, water, and general gunk constitutes as particle contaminants, mainly anything that gets into your lubricants that shouldn't be there and can cause damage to your equipment over time. These particles can be introduced in a variety of ways and once they get into your equipment they can continue to break apart, getting smaller and smaller, fitting into smaller and smaller clearance gaps in your equipment.

Some equipment conditions that result from particle contamination are:

  • Frequent Hydraulic leaks and blown hoses. Particle contamination in a hydraulic system is similar to sandblasting the inside of the system and hoses. This leads to weakened hoses and seals which are critical to preventing leaks and system failures.
  • Uneven movement or loss of swing power on a hydraulic excavator. This erratic motion can cause loss of haulage and production, along with increased fuel consumption because of the increased movement.
  • Uneven bulldozer tracks. Leading to reduced production and possible work hazards due to the uncertainly of how the bulldozer will move.
  • Unstable Crane and hydraulic man lifts. This can lead to unreliable movements, that can damage equipment and increase the risk of accidents in the field.


Chevron's ISOCLEAN programs help to combat these issues by developing a standard for lubricants and a certification process to ensure all lubricants under this program meet these standards. ISOCLEAN lubricants are guaranteed to meet OEM's fluid cleanliness requirements, with help to maximize a piece of equipment's life.

Ocean State Oil is proud to offer ISOCLEAN certified Delo ADF 600 lubricants. Contact Us form more information

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