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Shop Chemicals, Cleaning Supplies & Additives from Howes, Power Service, CRC, Johnsen's & Oil-Dri

Our name, Ocean State Oil, tells you what the core of our business is - oil and other high-quality lubricants - but that's hardly all that we can supply for your garage, construction site, or manufacturing facility

The kinds of businesses and equipment that need our lubricants also need plenty of other things to keep them running smoothly. At Ocean State Oil we carry additives, shop chemicals, cleaning supplies, and other related products to meet all these needs and more - backed by an array of proven manufacturers. Companies across RI, MA, and CT turn to Ocean State Oil when they need products from RB Howes, CRC Products, Johnsen's, Power Service, Oil-Dri, and more.

Ocean State Oil has the shop chemicals and supplies you need!

    Extended Life Coolant (ELC)


    Powersteering Fluid

Howes Lubricator Power Service Automotive Diesel Products

Ancillary Automotive / Diesel Products: Additives, Fluids, and Cleaners

Gasoline and diesel motors, and the vehicles and equipment they power, can't operate on just fuel and oil alone. They need fluids for transmissions, brakes, and power steering units. Windshields require washing fluids & wiper blades. The fuels need additives to make them more efficient and cleaner for the internal working of the engines and the outside environment.

    CRC Products

    Battery Cleaner

    Brakleen and Non-Chlorinated Brakleen

    Disc Brake Quiet

    RB Howes

    Diesel Defender

    Diesel Lifeline

    Diesel Treat & Anti-gel

    Gas Conditioner Plus

    Lubricator & Penetrating Oil

    Meaner Power Cleaner

    Winter Treat

    Power Service


    Anti-gel Concentrate

    Bio Kleen Diesel Clear

    Diesel 911

    Ocean State Oil

    Diesel Exhaust Fluid


    Brake Cleaner

    Brake Fluid DOT

    Carb Spray

    Power Steering Fluid



Oil-Dri Lubricant Absorbant Cleaning Products

Oil Absorbents, Spill Pads, Spill Kits, and Cleaning Supplies to keep your garage clean

Garages, workshops, and manufacturing facilities by nature are places where equipment and people can get dirty and oily in a hurry.

For spills, we carry an array of absorbents, including pads, boom, truckers' spill kits, and more from Oil-Dri and SpillTech. And, of course, we stock and deliver simple but effective all-purpose cleaners, wipes, rags by the bundle, and disposable gloves to keep your shop neat and operating efficiently.

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