September, 23 2022

New England Public Works Expo

The Ocean State Oil Sales Team, along with representatives from Chevron, attended the New England Public Works Expo in Marlborough, MA. Ocean State Oil was glad to host the Delo Truck at the expo. The Delo Truck, also known as the Delo Traveling Technology Lab is meant to educate customers on the changes in engine technologies and how Chevron has embraced these changes to develop the latest innovations in lubricant technologies.  It is an interactive display that visitors walk through and learn about Chevron products. There were an estimated 180 visitors to the Delo Truck and Ocean State Oil booth and most of them were able to walk through the exhibit. Visitors took part in a raffle to win a Delo Counter Stool. Paul, a representative from the Town of Stoughton Department of Public Works, was chosen as the winner.

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