Marine & Railroad Lubricants from Ocean State Oil

Marine & Railroad Lubricants

Here at Ocean State Oil, one of our most important guiding principles is also one of our simplest: if there is a business in southern New England that relies on vehicles and machinery in its day-to-day commerce, then we stand ready to stock and deliver the lubricants, mechanical fluids, and associated products those machines need to be up and running in top form.

When it comes to marine and railroad lubricants, we can provide the right products, on spec and on time. If that means installing separate storage tanks and dedicated delivery compartment for zinc free lubricants - or - provide timely deliveries "over the water" to marine vessels at area ports, we stand ready to accommodate your needs.

Traveling by rail or sea? Ocean State Oil has the Marine & Rail lubricants to meet your needs!

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    Hydraulic fluids

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Lubricants for New England's Marine Industry

Lubricants for New England's Marine Industry

To facilitate our service to the marine industry, Ocean State Oil has obtained certification from the U.S. Coast Guard for "over water" deliveries in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. That means we can park our trucks at the dock and deliver lubricants and fluids directly to active marine vessels - as we do regularly for southern New England fishing boats, tug boats, Coast Guard vessels, ferries, and vessels operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

We stock a variety of engine oils formulated for use in engines using a variety of marine diesel fuels; environmentally acceptable hydraulic oils that meet VGP requirements; greases for marine applications and more.

Lubricants for Locomotives and Rail Cars

Lubricants for Locomotives and Rail Cars

Because many of the bearings in these locomotive diesels are manufactured with silver coatings, the lubricants used to protect them must be free of zinc. Zinc is a common component in many standard oils, but it is a chemical enemy to the silver coatings in these locomotive diesels. Even small amounts of zinc in the motor's lubricant would prove highly corrosive.

That's why at Ocean State Oil we maintain separate delivery trucks, storage tanks, and pumping and piping systems dedicated exclusively to the sort of zinc-free lubricants required by these locomotive diesel engines.

Leading the Way in DEF for Rail and Marine

Leading the Way in DEF for Rail and Marine

Diesel motors abound in the railroad and marine industries, so government mandates to reduce air pollution in diesel motor exhaust are an on-going concern. And that's one more reason that Ocean State Oil has become an important partner to these industries, as we are a major source for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), a water-based solution that neutralizes the pollutants in diesel exhaust that contribute to the formation of smog, acid rain, and ozone. Learn more about DEF here.

And, as we do for every other industry and type of business we supply, Ocean State Oil makes our highly-trained technicians available to railroad and marine businesses to conduct overviews and analyses of why and how a particular business uses our lubricants, fluids, and other products. Our aim is to help those businesses use our products more efficiently and effectively, so that their vehicles and machines run better and longer, and their bottom lines stay healthy.

Keep Your Marine and Rail Operations Moving!

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