Off-Highway Commercial Lubricants from Ocean State Oil

Off-Highway Commercial Lubricants

If your business depends upon powerful machines like cranes, excavators, dozers and graders, you know that you might not be in business without the specialized lubricants that this equipment demands

Ocean State Oil delivers each day to off-highway operators all over southern New England. Ask us about how you can go further with your off-highway equipment using Delo products. Find out more at

Take the strain off heavy duty off-highway equipment with lubricants from OSO








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Chevron Delo Diesel Engine Oils, Hydraulic & Transmission Oil and Greases & Gear Oils

Meeting Your Total Lubrication Requirements

Ocean State Oil understands the demands that yellow iron equipment creates, and we respond every day, with deliveries:

    Specialized diesel engine oils

    Oils for hydraulics, transmissions, final drive units, and differentials

    Drive Train lubricants specifically formulated to meet the specifications of major OEM's

    Extended Life Coolants meeting OEM requirements

    A wide variety of greases and gear oils

    Specialty lubricants for cranes, crushers & conveyors

    Fuel additives to increase the performance and efficiency of your equipment

    Diesel Exhaust Fluid for equipment with SCR systems

    Wide variety of dispensing equipment, oil containers, spill control materials for the garage, the site, or service trucks

Protective Lubricants for Engines, Hydraulic Systems, Drive Trains, Bearings, and Gears

We Know Your Off-Highway Equipment Takes a Beating

Off-highway equipment operates in severe conditions where large amounts of dust and dirt are facts of life, and where the need for protective lubricants for engines, hydraulic systems, drive trains, bearings, and gears is crucial.

The high-horsepower diesel motors that typically power this equipment requires premium, robust lubricants. The demands of heavy loads, high-torque pulling and pushing place extra stress on engines, transmissions, differentials, final drive mechanisms, and hydraulic systems.

Chevron's LubeWatch oil analysis program

Oil Analysis to Ensure the Best Performance and Savings

Ocean State Oil offers Chevron's LubeWatch oil analysis program, to monitor the performance of lubricants in your equipment. The LubeWatch Maintenance Management System is a diagnostic, preventative maintenance tool that uses oil analysis to evaluate lubricant and equipment condition in all types of mobile and industrial applications.

The quality testing and analysis and actionable maintenance recommendations offered by the LubeWatch Program can dramatically extend equipment life and dependability-saving you valuable time and money. LubeWatch can help you identify minor problems before they become major failures, extend drain intervals to reduce maintenance costs, extend equipment life and minimize downtime by maximizing asset reliability.

Ocean Blue DEF Ocean State Oil Diesel Exhaust Fluid

OSO Now Offers Castrol HD Products for Off-Highway Vehicles

Castrol is one of the largest and most well know brands world wide in the lubricant industry. Castrol features products such as Hypuron and Tection heavy duty engine oils; Paradene hydraulic oils; and Autran 295 ATF for the heavy duty market.

Please contact your Ocean State Oil Sales Rep for more information on Castrol products or email us here.

Protect Your Off-Highway Commercial Construction Equipment

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